Less Than 2 Weeks Until DCP

Y’all. It is so close. I don’t even think I can accurately put into words how my emotions are right now. But I sure am going to try.

This whole experience has been quite the emotional roller coaster. For those that don’t know, I had applied for the Disney College Program before. And I did not get in. Heck, I didn’t even make it to a phone interview. So come January 2017, receiving the email saying that applications for fall were up was bittersweet. At that time, I was beginning to plan my senior year of college. I was completely comfortable with staying in Fayetteville, Arkansas where I knew people and I knew what I would be doing for another year.

I’m not lying when I say that I had some pep talks with myself in order to finally apply again. In fact, I applied that very first day that the application dropped. And the very next day, I had that web interview. I was fully expecting that I would be rejected after it once again. But no. I immediately got an email to schedule another interview. Seeing that almost made me cry. (It totally did not help that I decided to fill out my web interview while at work. Work is not a good place for happy tears.)

So fast forward to February. It has been a couple weeks since the first round of interviews. The facebook groups are full of anxiety and tension as people wait for that first wave of “accepted” or “no longer in consideration.” I can attest that I was on edge waiting for any kind of response. First wave of acceptances came on February 13th. And I was not in it. Every time I saw someone post how happy they were to get in, I felt more sure that I would be rejected. So came Valentine’s Day. I didn’t have many plans as school was hectic that week and my boyfriend and I had already celebrated Valentine’s Day. Midday, I had to drive back to my apartment in the rain to fetch a book before an afternoon class. At a red light, I hear that familiar ding of an email push notification. I hadn’t heard about any acceptances that day but I decided to pull over at the gas station nearby to read my email. And what do you know, there was an email with the subject line “Disney College Program: Congratulations!” And, man, did the tears flow.

So now we are less than 2 weeks out from my check in. I look forward to moving in to my apartment, going through casting, and experiencing Traditions. While I am extremely excited, you bet your butt I am also very scared. Some days, I only can think of the massive amount of positive experiences coming my way. Other days, I think of the people I will miss and the pitfalls I may experience. I have begun to pack up all my belongings and stress about fitting my life into my VW Jetta and let’s face it, that can get pretty stressful and sad.

To fully sum it up, I am scared but oh so ready. It may be cheesy, but this program is happening at the right time. I am ready for the amazing people I will meet, the magic I will make, and the opportunity that has fallen into my lap.

Have a Magical Day,

IMG_3087Ashley Milanowski


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