Itineraries, Work Locations, Apartments, Oh My

FullSizeRender-1With very little time until I leave for Florida, it is all getting pretty dang real. Like, I am packing up my car and leaving tomorrow! This past week, I have been saying my “see ya later”s and finishing out my classes. But that’s not all! Yesterday I received my itinerary!

For those that don’t know, the DCP itinerary is your schedule for the first week of check in as well as your role, work location, and apartment assignment. There are still some unknowns such as specific address, roommate assignments, and Traditions time, but the itinerary is the first hint of all that is to come!

My roommates and I have all been assigned to Patterson Court apartments. While we are not 100% sure that we have all been assigned in the same apartment to be roommates, we were allowed to all link up during our housing registration a week or so back. (Important tip for those who want to do the DCP: Earlier arrival dates are more likely to be able to link up with all of your roommates. I am on the first arrival date and was allowed to link up with 5 people. Others have only been able to connect with 2. Something to note!) I, personally, did not have any preference between the apartment complexes, but now that I look at pictures of Patterson, I am pretty darn happy!

In my itinerary, I also got the times of all of my appointments (except Traditions). I had known the date of move-in before, but nothing other than that. I now know my check-in time, casting time, and housing meeting time. There are also some networking events being put on that week that I am likely to attend. I should hear when my Traditions is later this week as well.

But, all that isn’t the exciting part. I learned my work location! This has been one of the more frequent questions I get whenever I tell people I will be a Disney College Program Intern. “Are you going to be Mickey Mouse?” “Are you going to work in the castle?” “Which park are you in?” Let me tell you, I have been curious about my placement ever since I got accepted! I knew I would be happy just about anywhere, but waiting 6 months to hear is all kinds of difficult. I don’t know how people did it in the past where you didn’t even get your assignment until you showed up on check-in day. So, let me hear a drum roll….


I’m working in Animal Kingdom!

DSCN2447To be specific, I am assigned to DAK-Discovery Island Merchandise. Discovery Island is the area located around the Tree of Life and you likely have explored it if you have eaten at Pizzafari or explored It’s Tough to Be a Bug! Upon seeing my location, I was elated. Animal Kingdom has remained one of my favorite parks for a long while. (It is usually a competition between Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.) There is just something about a wonderfully themed park centered around animals and adventure that touches my heart. It probably helps that I will always admire Joe Rhode’s work and The Lion King is one of my favorite films of all time.


And so, likely the next time you hear from me, I will be in Florida!




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