I Made it to Florida!

This week has gone by in a flash! Just 6 days ago, I was still in Arkansas focusing on summer class finals. Now I am in Florida preparing for all the fun to come! In order to come down here, my mother, brother, and I drove for about two and a half days. We left Friday, August 4th right after I finished my tests and made it all the way to Alabama that first day! The following days we drove to Tampa and then to Orlando. Once in Florida, we simply had to stop at the Florida Welcome Center for practical reasons like getting my SunPass and other reasons like drinking all the Florida orange juice. (Sidenote: I am happy to announce that there are Sonics in Florida. I was extremely worried I would be without my Sonic grilled cheese.)

Overall, we didn’t have too many issues with the drive. Our only negative was the immense stir craziness caused by sitting in the car for hours at a time.

IMG_3780IMG_3753Since we came into Orlando on Sunday and my Check-In wasn’t until Monday at 11:30, we decided to play in the parks all Sunday afternoon! We went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in order to say our final goodbyes to The Great Movie Ride. My mom was lucky enough to get fastpasses for us so we didn’t have to wait in the long line. Since I already got my Traditions date, I know I will get to ride TGMR again but it was still oh so sad to see it on Sunday. There were also photopass photographers to take pictures in front of the Chinese Theatre. I had got a “Celebrating” button to celebrate the beginning of the DCP so the photographer was quick to ask where I would be working. Once I told him I would be in Animal Kingdom, all he could say was: “Animal Kingdom? That’s the WORST!” As an Animal Kingdom lover myself, I am perfectly happy to be there. 😉 We ended our DHS night watching Fantasmic! and I easily cried once Mickey appeared on top of the mountain to dance to that all too familiar fanfare. It was the perfect way to end my night before the program.

IMG_3788IMG_3792Come Monday, I had both Check-In and Casting on my schedule. I had Check-In scheduled for 11:30 and Casting scheduled for 3:25. Check-In went relatively smoothly with only some issues getting my parking pass. All the cast members working the Check-In were all too nice and very excited to have us there! Between Check-In and Casting, my plan was to unpack all my things in my apartment. With that, I got to meet my roommates! I got all the roommates I linked to during the housing process and it was wonderful to meet them all in person! They are all so sweet and I can tell we will get along perfectly. I also had received my training schedule that morning so I went over it before Casting. Once 3:15 rolled around, it was time to head towards the bus. A roommate of mine was scheduled for Casting at the same time so her dad was kind enough to drop us off at the bus stop. Once in the bus, there was Disney puns, Disney trivia, and introductions. I even answered a trivia question and won a lanyard that is now being used for our mail key. At Casting, we all were led through different stops in the building to go over all aspects of our employment paperwork. It went by in a blur but the office was filled with all kinds of excitement!

IMG_3809Now I am all moved in and have already had my Housing Session. Tonight we have our Welcome Party and tomorrow I have Traditions! Traditions will be when I can officially say I am a cast member. This means I will get my blue ID and the coveted Disney name tag. Not to mention, I will get my free access to the parks and my cast member discount!

Here’s to all the excitement and what is to come!


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