My First Day as a Cast Member!

IMG_3841As some of you know, I went through Traditions yesterday. I felt lucky to have the 1:00 PM section instead of the 6:30 AM section. While I know that there will be plenty of early mornings, I am perfectly content with starting it off without a 5:00 AM wake up call! It gave me time to run, organize my room, and enjoy Mickey and Frozen waffles with my roommates. Come lunch time, it was time to walk to the bus! We were only a short bus ride from Disney University, where our Traditions class was held.

We did get to explore the building while we had a short break for dinner. In the hallways, you could find concept art, movie photos, and any Disney memorabilia you could think of. I also walked into Company D and found plenty of items that I will be putting on my wish list to purchase during the program.

IMG_3855As for the Traditions process, I can’t even put into words how magical and amazing it was. As I said before, I had it in the afternoon so during our tour of the Magic Kingdom, we got to see the parade begin and we even ran into Dan Cockerell. That’s the VP of Magic Kingdom!!! We also walked down Main Street and made our way through New Fantasyland and Storybook Circus. I won’t say too much in case anyone goes through the Traditions in the future. I know it was even more emotional for me not knowing what to expect of the class.

IMG_3873Once we received our employee IDs, we ran to DHS in order to begin our goodbyes to The Great Movie Ride. We were only able to make it to 20 minutes of the park’s open hours, but we stayed behind as everyone else left the park. I am so thankful we did this. As we were taking photos in front of the Chinese Theatre, we noticed a couple of the cowboy cast members leaving The Great Movie Ride and headed home. (For those that don’t know, the cowboy is one of the cast members that “takes over” the ride vehicle.) We stopped them to ask for a photo with them and they were so excited to speak about their attraction. Their names were Ken and Keith and they were twins performing the same role at Disney. Keith spoke with us about his beginnings at the attraction. He has been performing there since it opened in 1989! They were some of the most kind cast members I could ever meet and I made sure to ask where their location would be after the closure of The Great Movie Ride. They will now be in Launch Bay and they are so excited for the new adventure. Only one day into my experience as a cast member, I can already feel the embodiment of our motto. We create happiness. And in turn, that makes us happy.


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