My First Day at the Food and Wine Festival

On August 31st, the Food and Wine Festival began! Unfortunately, I was working most days of the first weekend but I was lucky enough to experience the festival this past Sunday! For those that are unfamiliar with the Food and Wine Festival, it is a festival in Epcot centered around the food and beverage of many different countries. Not just the countries that have pavilions in the park! This year, there is a grand total of 35 booths representing different cultures or types of food. (Wow, what a perfect number of booths when Epcot has their 35th anniversary on October 1st, huh?)IMG_4392

This past Sunday, I went into the day knowing full well that it would be impossible to conquer all 35 booths in that one day. My stomach couldn’t handle that and my wallet definitely could not either. And so, I went in with a plan. In August, Disney had released the list of festival booths as well as listings of their offerings. I did what I do best: I made an Excel spreadsheet. You may laugh at me about it, but I was able to divide and conquer perfectly come festival time! On my spreadsheet, I listed out all of the predicted food and beverage offerings and highlighted the ones I knew I wanted to try. With this, I got to try 3 foods on my list and 2 drinks all in the first day! Since the festival continues on until November 13th, I feel that I will be plenty motivated to check off all my to dos. Plus, I will be running the Wine and Dine races in November! More Food and Wine!

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 9.25.21 AM
A small sampling of my Food and Wine Festival spreadsheet

Now lets get to the good part, the food. I got to Epcot ready to eat my heart out. And so, I did not make it very deep into the World Showcase before I stopped at a food booth. I made my lunch stop at the Mexico booth. And oh boy, I am glad. I ordered the Tequila Chipotle Shrimp and a Spicy Apple Margarita. After picking up my order at the booth, I set out to find a place to eat (preferably with a view). With the immense crowds at Epcot, my place of fine dining ended up being the top of a trash can. IMG_4377However, I had my view! I decided to dive into the shrimp first since I could drink my margarita as I explored the area. The shrimp was spicy enough to have a kick but not spicy enough to scare away a wimp like me. And the beans and queso fresco were icing on the cake. Overall, I believe I will have to try this sampling again later on. The margarita was surprisingly spicy and oh so refreshing. I ended up bringing it with me into the Mexico pavilion as I looked through the shops. It was a wonderful trip into the pavilion topped off with a ride on the Gran Fiesta Tour.

After the Mexico booth, I took a lap around the World Showcase to get my bearings of where all the booths were located. I also was on the search for the Food and Wine “Passport” that listed off all of the food at each location. (It also has super cute stickers you can put in as you visit each booth, I love it!) I also got to visit Anna and Elsa in Norway and see my roommate while she was at work! Once I had my Passport in hand, I decided to take a break from World Showcase and visit Spaceship Earth.

IMG_4399After traveling through time and learning about the Phoenicians, I was hungry again. I decided to strategically walk on the other side of World Showcase in order to get to the Scotland booth. I was on the hunt for the Tipsy Laird. The Tipsy Laird is a whiskey soaked cake with lemon cream, raspberries, and toasted oats. And I can safely say I am in love. With a small $3.50 price tag, I was honestly tempted to get another in the same day.

It was now getting later in the afternoon and my roommate was planning to meet me after her shift so we could watch the Eat to the Beat concert and Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. I decided I had time for one more attraction before we met up. I ended up resting in the American Pavilion and seeing the Voices of Liberty as well as The American Adventure.

Once I got out of the theater, it was perfect timing to meet up with my roommate! We headed to the Brazil booth to have a snack for the Eat to the Beat concert. I ordered the Brazilian cheese bread and the frozen caipirinha. It was delicious! So delicious, that I didn’t even take a picture. We finished out the night with seeing The Hooters and watching Illuminations. Overall, I know I will be spending plenty more time in Epcot for the festival!

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